Cash Flow Management

MSI Financial offers this free debtor's guide as a service to our clients and businesses that are concerned about the management of their debts and obligations.
Our vast experience with businesses of all sizes, across all industries has proven that it is possible to turn the most difficult debt situation into manageable ones. Debt and obligations can be modified into win-win arrangements through some basic principals both in finance and in negotiation.
Business Debtors can be confident that their best interests will be represented by MSI Financial. Due in large part to many years experience in the often difficult business of debtor creditor relations, we understand the dynamics that come in to play from both sides. If you elect to employ MSI Financial to help you with one problem, or a series of problems, you will enter into an agreement that obligates us to use our best possible effort to achieve the best possible resolution of your situation. And, since much of our work is done on contingency fee pricing, your dollar exposure is small unless and until we perform. Obviously, we have to do the best possible job for you.
Inside this guide you'll find specific discussions of the topics listed in the contents in the side bar at the right. Any of these items can raise interesting and sometimes difficult questions for a business operator. Every business has individual or peculiar circumstances and needs. This guide attempts to look at several of the more common debtor issues in general terms.