Business Financial Services

MSI Financial offers this free creditor's guide as a service to our clients and other business creditors with debtor servicing requirements which require special handling. 
With over twenty years experience from the creditors' side with businesses of all sizes and across all industries we know it is possible to turn the most difficult or contentious situations into manageable ones. We are available to work with financial institutions, industrial creditors, non-bank lenders and any other providers of goods and services sold on terms.   We can usually develop and implement plans that provide a better return to the creditor than traditional methods. 
Creditors can be confident that their best interests will be represented by MSI Financial.  We understand the dynamics that come in to play from both sides. If you elect to employ MSI Financial, you will enter into an agreement that obligates us to use our best possible effort to achieve the best possible resolution of your situation. We understand the importance of loss minimization, recovery, and shareholder return. And, because of our pricing structure, your dollar exposure is small unless and until we perform. Obviously, we have to do the best possible job for you.
Inside this guide you'll find specific discussions of the topics listed in the contents in the side bar at the right. Any of these items can raise interesting and sometimes difficult questions for a creditor. Creditors frequently feel that their situation is unique. While that is often true, there are some common elements in most cases. This guide attempts to look at several of the more  common debtor issues in general terms.
Please contactl us if you have questions, problems, or situations not covered in this guide. It is quite possible that we have seen a similar situation before and will apply the same finacial principles and get back on track.