Business Debt Management

Every business debtor is a creditor, and every business creditor is a debtor. That statement isn't accurate all the time. But, it is accurate often enough that it is important for all businesses to know that help is available to answer business debt questions and solve business debt problems.
MSI Financial, Inc. was started to be a source of help to answer those questions and solve those problems. By providing a broad range of debtor and creditor based services, MSI Financial' goal is to bring an experienced, professional, and results oriented approach to the business of paying and collecting debt. We fill the role of the intermediary in a case or series of cases to effectively present the facts of the case to each side, and work to achieve the best possible solution for our client. Frequently, when trade debts are disputed, institutional debts are in default, companies are experiencing financial difficulty, or whatever the adverse circumstances may be, communication between the debtor(s) and the creditor(s) becomes strained or breaks down completely. Successful mediation, while it may not restore relations to their pre-stressed condition, can often keep the resolution process moving forward thereby facilitating good business decisions for both sides.
Many times under adverse circumstances, difficult positions must be made known to the other side. Because of the circumstances the two sides may somewhat doubt or even distrust each other. Part of MSI Financial' job is to establish a trusting middle ground for communication. Not all debtor/creditor situations can be resolved with no loss to either side.   MSI Financial' role also includes working to ensure that both sides of the dispute are sufficiently informed of the facts in the case to make the best possible business decision under the circumstances.
Cost containment is important for all businesses today. In problem debt situations, it is very easy for both sides to incur significant legal expense. Our goal is to work to solve the problem through arbitration and mediation not litigation. However, we regularly work with attorneys and completely understand that sometimes the court system is the only way to resolve disputes. MSI Financial has a responsibility to its clients to promptly inform them if an out-of-court settlement isn't working, or isn't going to happen and suggest that they make appropriate decisions with regard to legal representation. 
MSI Financial was started by Robert G. Koester who has over twenty years background in resolving commercial debt problems. Over that time he has worked with hundreds of clients and helped resolve debt problems totaling many millions of dollars. That experience is what allows MSI Financial to fulfill its role of being a source of answers and solutions to business debt problems and help you as a prospective or current client make the best business decision the current circumstances in your situation allow.
You have access to a great deal of experience with MSI Financial .We encourage you to use this site, or call or fax us to discuss your particular situation or obtain more information. Check out our services and call us to see how we can assist you.