Our Role

MSI Financial provides a variety of business problem debt resolution and general debt management services. Generally, we do not take consumer debt cases for individuals.  However, we represent individuals in business cases when they are doing business as sole proprietors or, when the subject's personal debt is for business purposes.


We offer services in the following areas:



Accounts Payable
Settlement and/or terms negotiations for legitimate disputed or delinquent accounts payable.
  • Bills related to slow collection of receivables attributable to a specific job or project
  • Bills related to unacceptable goods or services
  • Bills related to incomplete, untimely, or insufficient delivery
  • Other payables 100 days or more past due
Institutional Loans & Leases
Loans or leases where the institutional lender has requested early pay-out including
  • Terms that adversely impact cash flow
  • Terms, covenants, or restrictions that inhibit growth
  • Lack of availability of financing for other business requirements

General Debt Management
Management consulting aimed at improving cash flow by examining financial objectives.

  • Timing of monthly payments including trade, loan, and lease payables
  • Strategic planning for expenses involving increased or increasing debt
  • Over-all cash flow analysis

Judgments & Liens
Settlement of unpaid judgments, liens or other filed sanctions that could adversely affect operations.

  • Judgments related to old disputes
  • Judgments affecting current sale or acquisition of business real estate
  • Judgments against former business owners unrelated to current operations
  • Mechanics, tax, or other liens unrelated to current operations

Taxes - Sales, Use & Withholding
Assistance with problems related to various tax delinquencies.

  • Delinquent sales or use taxes
  • Delinquent payroll taxes (requires Power of Attorney on correct IRS form)
  • Payments for incorrectly assessed use taxes


Collateral & Reporting
Monitoring and evaluating services.

  • Receiverships and complicated collateral monitoring situations
  • On-site condition inspections of pledged real and personal property
  • Floor-plan checks
  • Accounts receivable audits for asset based loans
  • Valuation sources for many types of personal and real property

Creditor - Debtor Communications
Facilitation of necessary discourse between creditors and debtors regarding major changes in the creditor-debtor relationship.

  • Reasons for changes in terms
  • Inadequacy of collateral protection
  • Desire to be out of the relationship
  • Lender liability concerns related to major or extreme decision

Special Services
Miscellaneous services that can relieve servicing or other work-flow pressures for industry or institutional creditors.

  • Out of court charge-off or slow account recovery
  • Formulation and implementation of seriously delinquent receivables collection
  • Collateral sale and liquidation supervision
  • Preliminary fraud investigation
  • Loan review
  • Portfolio review